Wolodimir Griniw von Migurski is a Ukrainian artist, born on February 16, 1964 in Krasnoyarsk, (Siberia). Prior to his path as a painter he studied Engineering at the National Technical University Kyiv during which he was an exchange student at the Technical University of Dresden in 1986/87. After finishing his studies he went on studying Journalism at the Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv between 1987 and 1993, working in this field for the years to follow. His first paintings date back to the early 2000. Starting with small realistic portraits of his wife and his four daughters, he quickly moved to more symbolic works in large format. Inspired by his upbringing in nature trees, animals and people always seem to coexist peacefully on his canvases. The Euro-Maidan Revolution in 2014 marks a turn in his artistic path influencing his style as well as the palette he has been using. Furthermore, Wolodimir Griniw von Migurski is the inventor of the "Heliocentric Perspective" in painting. The open Russian aggression of 2022 against the Ukrainian people could not pass by the work of the artist, who creates a series of monumental paintings. The Gold Medal of Merit of the Orden of Albrecht the Bear, Germany 2022. Honorary Citizen of the city of Bernburg (Saale), Art and Culture Prize of the city of Bernburg (Saale), The Silver Medal, Germany 2023.